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Story cards

Story cards

Which house would you choose? Which door would you open? What's behind the door? Which door would you definitely not enter? Many questions, many methods, many game rules can be created, figure out for yourself how you would play! The decks contain 44 different cards.

Thanks, Corona

9th June 2020 Dear Diary, I thought that I was locked up, I believed I would lose everything, I imagined I cannot go anywhere and I will not survive! Then I realized, that was locked up already, and yet I survived. I was locked up in a country for 17 years, but I left...

Tell stories at home!

Tell stories at home! Storytelling is as old as mankind. Stories evolved from anecdotes, our own stories stay with our and our children’s entire life. Why are our personal stories important? Why – When – Whom – should I tell stories, and what? The storytelling...

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