A storybook is born the moment stories turn into images

“I started writing Kate Polite’s stories for my first little daughter when she used to scream while I tried washing her hair and at the time when wanted to go to kindergarten in her pajamas.” Then I grew up with my children, and so did the tales in me. My last storybook, although also loved by kindergarten kids, is more for primary school children.

This is how two of my dear friends wrote about it:

“I once found myself saying that Erika is like a story fairy: one would sit beside her and listen endlessly. It is her, narrative, storytelling character which is most captivating in all her tales – even in this young adult fiction. And in some ways, there is no better cure for all kinds of spiritual and social pains than to trust someone who is telling the tale  and simply follow them. Sometimes the story is about Kate Polite,  other times about Lizi or Dust Bunny. But in fact the story is always  about us. ” – Demény Péter

“The question, my little bookworm friend, is mostly: can you read yet? While enjoying this book, I, who hadn’t been asked the same thing for a very long time, also started wondering, whether I could still read? Is everything that is incomprehensible at first glance in a book an exciting puzzle for me, do dragons, purple-Lizis, dust bunnies come to life in my imagination? Are these withered brain cells and dust bunnies able to shiver when reading about a ghost summoning? ” – Jankó Szép Yvette

Lizi and the Omniscient Dust Bunny

Koinónia publisher, 2018
Illustrated by:  Darvay Tünde

During a Moms’ club storytelling workshop, I asked mothers to conjure things that didn’t fit in a library, and then we wove a story about the library. That’s how Dust Bunny was born, as well as the little pink dragon who sprayed men’s deodorant from the ’60s because, she couldn’t breathe fire. Then we added  knitting grandmothers who would listen to chansons on crackling records. This storyweaving inspired the stories of Lizi and Porcica.

Kate Polite Story Series

Kate Polite and Father Shadow, AmbroBook publisher, 2015
Kate Polite and the 12 Siblings, AmbroBook publisher, 2014
Kate Polite and the Magical Toothbrush, Ciceró publisher, 2012
Illustrated by: Hajós Erika

“The fundamental value of Kate Polite’s tales lies in the fact that they evoke the most everyday scenes that are definitely familiar to most children. Thus, the story does not take place in a fictional age and time, but in our everyday lives, and thanks to this familiarity, the readers of the story can easily discover their own deeds in the stories, by which they also become “heroes”. Those who follow the rules of their environment, can enter a world of fabulous adventures.” – Király Farkas

Tilincoacy, the Music Elf

Holnap Kulturális Egyesület, 2016
Illustrated by: Eperjesi Noémi

“This time, the author, who knows the universe of children’s fairytales so well, guides the reader into the world of elves. Tilincoacy is an adorable, real musician who beholds the world of humans with sincere amazement. Children can also become co-authors, as they can colour in the drawings of Noémi Eperjesi. ”– Szűcs László

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