Once there was a round forest with a heart-shaped clearing in the middle

I offer numerous, exciting programmes, quality time for all those fond of stories, for children and adults.

Professional workshops – ’Seven at One Blow’ practical storytelling workshop

During the workshop, we explore the tricks and difficulties of live storytelling and relating anecdotes in seven steps, and with the help of intensive, individual and team work, we cut off all the heads of the seven-headed dragon. The 30-hour long accredited training is recommended not only for professional educators, but also for university students, librarians, and museum educators, as well as for anyone who is interested in storytelling.

Interactive Lectures

Winding story pedagogy – I hold 1.5 – 2 hour interactive lectures at storytelling conferences and libraries on how and why to tell stories, how we can help parents and teachers to tell stories more boldly.

Hug a Tree – An interactive presentation about the relationship between fairy tales and our environment. Why is nature important? How does it develop our imagination? How do we see inner images?

Tell stories at home! – Online Storytelling Workshops

I tell stories to moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, mostly in Moms clubs. In the session, however, not only do I tell stories, but we play, we exchange fairy tales, sometimes we involve the babies in nursery rhymes, we learn massaging stories. Our main activity is storytelling in groups, where we practice how we can tell our own child an oral story about him or her so that we can tell it together with him or her later.

Live Storytelling, Musical Story Plays

I tell stories live to kindergarten groups, elementary school and high school groups, as our grandmothers and grandfathers used to, sometimes involving members of the audience, so that they can sometimes shape the story themselves. I also present myths to high school classes, even in connection with curriculum. During musical interactive story plays, musical instruments and folk songs also add colour to the tales. We tell stories together with the children, sometimes becoming the fairytale hero along the way.

Story Camps

In 2013, the first Story Camp was held in Fenyőkút, Transylvania, since then, I have planned and organized several camps, hundreds of children took part in the fabulous programmes of the camps. The smiles of the children and the carefree fun, the variety of their creations constantly accompany me on my journey. Fairy tales, storytelling, creation, drama and team games are part of the daily activities in the camps.

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