I wandered and wandered, until I finally found my story-path

Many years ago, around 2006, I started writing fairy tales for my first duughter.  As I began taking my daughter to kindergarten, I realized that, suddenly too many things were being demanded by social norms and rules from a small child. I tried to help her with the tales along the bumpy road of socialization, to ease all the expectations that were throw at her. The tales worked; they were then read with pleasure and “used” by my acquaintances. Encouraged by this, I planned fairy tale sessions, I held kindergarten storytelling courses and I began to engage in fairy-tale dramatization, and then a few stories grew into musical fairy tales. We visited the kindergartens with musicians, we performed at various events. It was an exciting period, followed by even more exciting ones. As my two other daughters were born, so did the number of stories and storybooks grow. In addition to my three angels, I created three storybooks. As my daughters started growing up, so did I and my love of fairy tales grew as well.

I got so involved in the world of fairytales, that I started looking for opportunities, which direction I should go. I completed the training of László Juhász in “Story Psychology and Basic Story Therapy”, after which I became more interested in folk stories. In the meantime, my story camps were in progress, thus, I thought that another training would be usefu so that I could plan the best possible programmes. This is how I met Mária Bajzáth and the Folk Story Treasury. After completing the training in story pedagogy, I told folk tales more often than my own stories. Then, the two intertwined. I told folk tales and based on that new stories came to life. We added drama, we played with them. Wherever I could, I tried experimenting with drama pedagogy, experiential pedagogy and we started offering newer and newer programmes, not only for kindergarten children, but also for primary school children. Then I came across a folk story course at the Hungarian Heritage House. Folk tales became the basis of all my programmes and I started telling stories to adults as well. I found my story path and started winding up in more and more directions. And the more couragously I winded along my path, the more storytelling companions In 2016, me and my friend Gregus Laci founded the Winding Story Path Association and we since then, we have been winding those kilometres in Hungary, but mainly back at home in Transylvania. My heart often pulled me back home, so somehow the team started to thrive better in Transylvania and we started getting more fame back at home. However, we receive orders here in Hungary more and more often. In the meantime, I also joined the Meseszó Fairytale Association, and I also enjoy fairytale paths with the Bailavidrum team.Take a look at how I wind:

Tekergő Meseösvény Egyesület

Winding Story Path Association

Meseszó Egyesület

Fairy Tale Association

Bailavidrum Meseösvény

Bailavidrum Story Path

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